Who was Melki?

Who was Melki?

Luke 3: 24” the son of Melki”

In brief: his name means ‘Yawheh is my king’.

This morning I read this story from my news app:

“About 60 strangers turned up to the funeral of a man they had never met after an appeal from the vicar.

Terence Filer, 85, died at St Martin’s House Care Home in Camborne, Cornwall on 2 January.

The funeral directors and Cornwall Council attempted to find people who knew him but with no success.

This prompted the vicar to appeal for people to attend his funeral in Redruth.

Rev Caspar Bush said it was unusual.

“On the form from the funeral directors it said ‘this man had no friends or relatives, and nothing is known of his life’,” he said.

“It just struck me as incredibly sad so I thought we ought to try and do something to try and give him a good send off.”

One of the guests who attended, called Ann, said: “Even if he never married or had children he was still somebody’s son, somebody’s grandson.”


An incredible story of humanity.

We are in a world where the primary need is to let everyone know what we have achieved. We celebrate ‘me’. We want to be known.

Luke lists this genealogy of Jesus and we are in most cases only going to know their names and not if they ever achieved anything of note. So all we know is this man was called ‘Yawheh is my king’.

But isn’t this true for the majority of us? We live quiet lives and not many people know us. We wonder if we are on the right path of life at times. We battle through illnesses and difficulties. We live ordinary lives. All we know is ‘God is my King’.

Maybe that is all that is important?! That God and you know He is your King.

Be comfortable being a Melki today.



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