The day we met Jesus! Mark 5 V4. He had

The day we met Jesus!
Mark 5

V4. He had been caught before, but he got away. He promised he’d change. He’d made New Year resolutions, but broke them all after January 2nd.
He’d gone to the place of God and said never again, but nothing changed.
Some days he looked so strong, but then on other days he was anything but strong, he was crying. This man didn’t want to be the man he had become.
This man was doing more damage than any person had ever been able to, he was cutting himself.

But then he met Jesus!

Some things should never happen. Children should not die before their parents. But she did.
Her father was a very important man. He had risen to be a synagogue ruler. But the strength of man is sometimes not strong enough.
People quickly mourn. They like to bury the dead quickly and get on with their own life.
This little girl wasn’t ready to die, she wanted to get up but no one had commanded her to do so.

But then she met Jesus!

It had been a long time and she was exhausted. The journey seemed even longer than the 12 long years. She had lost friends, money, her reputation, everything in that time.
She lived in an invisible world. Cut off from all that was normal, all that ordinary people did, she could not do. She was a misfit, unclean, a social outcast.
Her condition became her identity.
Once again she found herself in a crowd; a crowd of people but lonely; a crowd of excitement but saddened.

But then she met Jesus!

Let’s leave Jesus as he is. Mark 4: 35-

Let’s leave Jesus as he is.

Mark 4: 35-41

They took him just as he was (teaching in the boat) and they sailed across the lake. But they didn’t leave him just as he was (they woke him up almost furiously).
The change of their circumstances and
These 2 elements tempt us to move Jesus from where He is to where we want Him to be. Or where we think we need Him to be.

Faith says whatever you are doing Jesus, wherever you are, I know I am safe just because you are on this boat with me. I will do what I think I need you to do. I will be what I think I need you to be. I can do this because you are here.

7 helpful principles for busy lives. Mar

7 helpful principles for busy lives.
Mark 3:7-12

1. Jesus knew the importance of getting away, of having a break from work, of moving oneself from the work environment. v7
2. He also knew how difficult that can be! How sometimes work follows you! v7
There is much said about workaholics however it is more helpful to see how work is addicted to you and for the health and best growth of that work it needs time alone from you.
3. Jesus knew how the more you do the more you will be expected to do v8. This is just a fact not a reason to do less.
4. Jesus knew how to adjust to the pressure of people, v9. He knew the importance of distance. The more the amount of work, the more the need for space, for stepping back and working at it from a different angle.
5. He also knew how there is always one more thing to do, one more need, the “it’s only me voice”. v10
6. Jesus knew that a lot of work can be done because of the position and authority in God and not from the sweat of the brow, v11.
7. He also knew that success can fast-track you beyond the timing of God if not managed, v12.

Busy is good it just needs self-leadership.

Mark 2:1-5 When Jesus arrived in this to

Mark 2:1-5
When Jesus arrived in this town, the city was turned upside down.
Wherever God is present change can happen.

The problem:
Paralysis says ‘you are stuck’.
I want to make things better, but I can’t.
I want to be a better person but I can’t.
I want to forget that ‘thing’ that happened in my past but I can’t.

The solution:
It took 4 men to carry this paralytic.
Carrying the paralytic wasn’t easy.
Are you a friend of a person who may be an outcast?
Will you do all that you can to carry them to Him?
These were not ordinary believers. They were friends who believed in an extraordinary Jesus. They were not leaving until their friend was healed.

The result:
Many people are identified by their behaviour…paralytic.
Jesus calls him ‘son’. He gave him a name and that then gave him a relationship.
Jesus is still restoring identities all over the world.

Mark 1 The old Prophets had spoken of a

Mark 1

The old Prophets had spoken of a new, coming Kingdom of God.
Isaiah spoke of a righteous kingdom.
Malachi of a kingdom of peace and healing.
400 years of no message, no revelation. Then …
John the Baptist appeared. According to what we have read in Matthews gospel he had a main message:
“In those days John the Baptist came, preaching in the Desert of Judea and saying, Repent for the kingdom of heaven is near.” Matt 3:1
Near meaning at hand.

What is a kingdom? = it is an area of activity.
It is a place of our influence, a place where we are free to make our choices.

Jesus picked this theme up:
“The time has come,” he said. “The kingdom of God is near. Repent and believe the good news!” Mark 1:15
It is not near as in time, but ‘is at hand’. Its nearby to be able to reach for it.
The invitation is now: for the kingdom of God to overshadow (in partnership and through Jesus) your kingdom.

Invite Him to do just that today.

Some words that are missed in the Great

Some words that are missed in the Great Commission (Matthew 28: 18-20)
Find them and think on these today.

1. All …
We are in days when wicked men flex their muscle but Jesus has ALL authority.

2. Therefore …
What do you think ‘it’ (what you have heard from Jesus and seen from men) is there-for? Do something. THEREFORE what will you do?

3. In …
Convert or die is the wicked slogan down the ages till now. However no matter what man does to Gods people they have had an identity change that is unchangeable for they have been baptised IN the identity of God.

4. Everything …
Yesterday people gave their EVERYTHING. They will do the same tomorrow. Today let us join the family of God who know this word all too well.

5. Always ….
Wherever you are. Trapped on a mountain, heading for your own cross, under siege or stepping into the unknown to reach others for Christ … The promise of all promises. I am with you ALWAYS.

Are you holding on to these words?

Matthew 27:3-10 Judas Lord, when the dar

Matthew 27:3-10
Lord, when the darkness overwhelms me
and the madness of my own conclusions suffocates me,
when there is no one to turn to,
all my bridges burnt,
my last hand played,
seek me out,
overtake me.
I know I am running fast
I don’t seem to be able to anything else.
I’ve even stopped caring about the direction.
I just can’t stop.
Be there for me –
in the private moments of self-inflicted hell.
When the rope is round my neck
and the vultures gather.
You are my only hope.
I’ve always known it,
but never been able to follow.
Now, I would like to eat your bread,
Now that I am at last hungry:
Feed me with yourself.

Matthew 26:57-68 Caiaphas Lord, when I a

Matthew 26:57-68

Lord, when I am very confident,
when it is crystal clear and the die cast
and when I stride life’s path looking neither to left nor right,
defeat me.
Pull the rug from under my feet,
confound me.
For my hope rests in my undoing.
Pity the upright man who has never stumbled.
Have mercy on the sinner who has never sinned.
Bind up the wounds of the man who does not know he’s wounded
and turn around the runner who at the chequered flag reaches for the garland
but has never seen the misery in his wake,
the feet he has trodden on,
the false paths he has travelled.
Possess me, for I am possessed.
Defeat me, for I am defeated.
Confound me, for I am confounded.
Only when I stop seeing myself
and the grand tapestry of my own plans,
will I see you as you are
and myself as you would have me.

Matthew 25:41-46 Some of my friends don

Matthew 25:41-46
Some of my friends don’t believe in hell.
They don’t believe God would send anyone to hell.
Some of my friends don’t believe in an ongoing punishment.
They don’t believe people will be excluded from eternal heaven.
Everyone makes it eventually.
But I’m not like them.
I don’t want to risk it.
I’d rather believe the Bible I read not the Bible I don’t read.

Matthew 24 Edgar Whisenant wrote ’88 rea

Matthew 24
Edgar Whisenant wrote ’88 reasons for 1988’ predicting the date of the rapture in that year to be between September 11 and 13th. Amazingly 4.5 million copies were sold! He stated, ‘Only if the Bible is in error am I wrong. ‘ Hmm!
So can Jesus help us in this chapter regarding the end-times? Here it is in brief note-form.
Jesus walks away from the temple for the last time, v1
Jesus prophesies the ruined temple (AD70), v2
Jesus describes the state of the world prior to His 2nd coming
· False Messiahs
· Natural disasters
· War
· These are described as birth-pains, so it can be rightly assumed that if they develop with an intensity and frequency it will show that the return of Jesus is very near.

Jesus describes what will happen to His people prior to the 2nd coming, v9-14
· Persecution from outside the Church
· Division and deception from within
· The increase of overseas Missions!

Jesus gives THE sign of his 2nd coming, v15
· The abomination of desolation spoken by Daniel (ch 11,12)
· It is the Anti-Christ of all anti-christs set in a temple to be worshipped.

Jesus warns that before the joy, the pain, v21-28
· A persecution unknown like never before.

Then the Joy, v29-30
· Everyone will see Jesus!!

Some advice then, v32-51
· Think of how nature reflects the season change and you will understand even though no one knows fully when Jesus will come. It will be a normal day when the world is once again over-indulging. Be alert, think on His return. Be like a faithful servant, stay true to the end, unlike one who thinks he has all the time in the world.

And the rapture? When is the rapture?
Thankfully for me, Jesus doesn’t mention it in this chapter.