Matthew 24 Edgar Whisenant wrote ’88 rea

Matthew 24
Edgar Whisenant wrote ’88 reasons for 1988’ predicting the date of the rapture in that year to be between September 11 and 13th. Amazingly 4.5 million copies were sold! He stated, ‘Only if the Bible is in error am I wrong. ‘ Hmm!
So can Jesus help us in this chapter regarding the end-times? Here it is in brief note-form.
Jesus walks away from the temple for the last time, v1
Jesus prophesies the ruined temple (AD70), v2
Jesus describes the state of the world prior to His 2nd coming
· False Messiahs
· Natural disasters
· War
· These are described as birth-pains, so it can be rightly assumed that if they develop with an intensity and frequency it will show that the return of Jesus is very near.

Jesus describes what will happen to His people prior to the 2nd coming, v9-14
· Persecution from outside the Church
· Division and deception from within
· The increase of overseas Missions!

Jesus gives THE sign of his 2nd coming, v15
· The abomination of desolation spoken by Daniel (ch 11,12)
· It is the Anti-Christ of all anti-christs set in a temple to be worshipped.

Jesus warns that before the joy, the pain, v21-28
· A persecution unknown like never before.

Then the Joy, v29-30
· Everyone will see Jesus!!

Some advice then, v32-51
· Think of how nature reflects the season change and you will understand even though no one knows fully when Jesus will come. It will be a normal day when the world is once again over-indulging. Be alert, think on His return. Be like a faithful servant, stay true to the end, unlike one who thinks he has all the time in the world.

And the rapture? When is the rapture?
Thankfully for me, Jesus doesn’t mention it in this chapter.

Matthew 23 Speaking to the crowds and th

Matthew 23

Speaking to the crowds and the disciples about the legalism of the religious, Jesus wants his listeners to be set free from performing their faith to impress others. At that time there were a variety of Pharisees:
Those who did acts of kindness to impress.
Those who announced their acts of kindness but who never did them.
Those who in the attempt to avoid sexual temptation injured themselves by not looking where they were going.
Those who majored on looking humble.
Those who counted up their acts of kindness convincing themselves that God was pleased with them.
Those who did acts of kindness out of fear for God.
Those who did acts of kindness in a desire to please God.

But not only did these Pharisees perform their faith like this, they also expected others to do the same.
They created rules for people to follow that God never asked for.
These rules became burdens that people became worn down with because they always failed in some way. It had become impossible to do enough to be right in the sight of God.
The Pharisees still exist.
This kind of leadership is still operating. It’s called spiritual abuse today.
Jesus sets out what is needed to live a true life for God:
Be a servant to others. This is the true mark of greatness.
Don’t come under the burdens of any man. Jesus is the burden lifter not the burden bringer.

Matthew 22 What a day! We have all had t

Matthew 22
What a day! We have all had them and there are probably a few more ahead.
How did Jesus battle with his enemies?
The answer is with the Scripture.
He could only quote the verses because he had read them and memorised them. Do we know such verses as: Exodus 3:6; Deuteronomy 6:15 and Psalm 110:1? Jesus did!
Read it, memorise it, study it, live it and quote it.
Even when caught in a trap relating to something which may not be helped by the Bible directly (on whether to pay taxes to Caesar or not) because you are immersed in God’s Word then wisdom is gained and those who see the silencing of your enemies will be astonished and amazed.

Matthew 21 The vehicle that took Jesus i

Matthew 21

The vehicle that took Jesus into the city of his baptismal death was ready even though it didn’t look like it.
Jesus is riding a young donkey which the other gospels say had not been ridden before.
An unbroken colt in a city of mayhem, noise and chaos would be very hard to handle it would go crazy with such an environment. Surely this is not the vehicle to use, it is not ready?
Yet with its mother next to it and the Prince of Peace on it then it will be at peace.
We can set the standard of what is ready or not. Often we say we are not ready or people can block our destiny saying we are inexperienced, not gifted enough, not wise enough.
But today, maybe others have done more, seen more, know more than you. However, this is your time, your moment, your life to live for God. The Prince of Peace is coming with you on a journey, he is steering you, it’s a new day!

Matthew 20: 32 Sometimes we get the chan

Matthew 20: 32

Sometimes we get the chance of this question.

It is not a question to highlight any lack or to embarrass.

Nor is it a question suggesting a lack of intelligence of the questioner.

It is an opportunity to declare your faith in His ability.

So what is your answer?

#MeetOurMissionaries Sian Davies: Uganda

#MeetOurMissionaries Sian Davies: Uganda “Biojemmss is a christian organisation that aims to nurture and care for children in parental absence. It caters for orphans, street children and children fleeing from war, conflict and abuse. Having partnered with Elim Missions since 2009 Biojemmess mission is to support and equip children/youth to reach their full potential by providing an environment that is child-centred and empowerment focused.”

Matthew 19 What perspective of life did

Matthew 19

What perspective of life did Jesus hold to?

In answer to a question on divorce we see His perspective was ‘at the beginning’. His answer was ‘what was Gods original intention?’ At the beginning there was never a need for a certificate of divorce.

The mission of Jesus was to link man back to the beginning.

How did God reveal Himself at the beginning? It was El Elohim: Creator God. “In the beginning El Elohim created”

We need to hold in our hearts the El Elohim.

This revelation of God as it forms in you will change your praying and expecting and what you do and how you spend your life.

The El Elohim revelation is ‘Give me wisdom, give me strategies, use me to change the culture I work in and live in.’

The Creator God releasing what is inside of us, creating, producing and changing.

It is a significant move from ‘Help me get through this day’ to ‘Help me to change this day into a creative day’.

We become involved in our world, not trying to escape it afraid we may be tainted by it.

We are raised into a taskforce to bring creation out of chaos.

Matthew 17 Contrasts and Comparisons Jus

Matthew 17

Contrasts and Comparisons

Just as Moses had three companions on the mountain so Jesus chooses three of his closest companions.

Just as Moses face shone and was transfigured so the disciples see Jesus as they’ve never seen him before.

The return of Moses and Elijah was expected in connection with the Messianic age and here they are with Jesus.

Just as the bright shekinah glory cloud enveloped Moses here it is again, a sign of the presence of God.

Just as Moses fell facedown so did the disciples as they heard the voice of God.

‘When they looked up, they saw no one except Jesus’.

Jesus then remains alone. Moses and Elijah are gone, for it is Jesus alone who is to be heard and who is Saviour!

Matthew 16 You have followed Jesus for 2

Matthew 16

You have followed Jesus for 2 days over hills and rocky terrain and you arrive at Caesarea Philippi. This was a location famous for its pagan rituals and sacrifices. Jesus then leads you to a famous cliff called the ‘Rock of gods’. At the base of the 100 feet high cliff was a cave called ‘the gates of Hades’ and people believed gods such as Baal entered the cave. Into the crevices of the rock the people had placed hundreds of idols and statues.

Here, Jesus taught the people about His and their mission.

Standing near one of the shrines, Peter declares “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.”

“You are Peter and on this rock I will build my church and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.”

On this rock of gods and every religion imaginable, I will build my church.

There is no cliff face for us but we live in a culture of idols and false religion.

The disciples were familiar with the Scriptures that tell us we are from a different rock.

The gates of Hades will not stand up against the power of the Church. Our mission is to take on evil and defeat it within culture.

Today this is why God has planted you where you are. In the factory, neighbourhood, school etc. It is not easy to live and work in such an environment. But it is here where Jesus is building His church.